Parents that cant login to ChildCloud

David Whitehead

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If a parent is having issues logging in, you can try these quick fixes:

Step 1: The most common issue with parents saying they can'y login is usually because the parent is not yet registered on ChildCloud.

Administrators can double check the parent status on by clicking 'All parents', then searching for the parent. 

  • Registered = The parent has successfully created a profile. You can move to step 2 below.
  • Invite = The parent has been loaded on ChildCloud but needs to be sent an e-mail, inviting them to sign-up with ChildCloud.
  • Re-Invite = The parent may mention they never received the initial invite. Click the down arrow to copy the parents unique invite and forward this to the parent via whatsapp, email or SMS. Once the parent clicks their unique link and created their password, they can log straight into their dashboard on ChildCloud.

Step 2 : If they are registered then make sure they are logging in with the correct username (email). Use the search icon to find the parent and cross reference their email with the one they trying to login with.

Step 3 : If the parent try’s to login to ChildCloud and they get this error shown below, then they have probably just forgotten their password, in which case you can click this link and paste their password and click ‘send reset link’.

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