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We allow you to create your own e-commerce store on ChildCloud.

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We create your online store and integrate it into ChildCloud, making it so much easier for parents to purchase clothing, stationary, tickets, and tuck shop vouchers. 

Your school can upload a maximum of 10 products. (Over 10, there is a monthly fee)
ChildCloud charges R300 per product to upload. We design your online store for free.

To get started simply email us the following information:

- School name :

- Collection address where parents can collect products?

- Whats days can products be collected?

- What times can products be collected?

- Email address where all new product order be sent to?

- How will you collect payment from parents?

- Are you VAT registered? (i.e. are we adding VAT to the products?)

a) Zapper? If yes, we need the Zapper Merchant ID: and Zappe Site ID:

b) Bank Transfer? If yes, we need the Bank name, Account Number, Branch Code

c) Credit Card? Which payment gateway do you use? ie. PayPal, Payfast?

d) Cash?

Most importantly we need the following:

Below are examples of a few e-commerce stores we have created:

Ocean View Montessori - View Shop 

Baby Bums - View Shop 

Montessori Eco School - View Shop

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